About The Funky Dungeon

What Is The Funky Dungeon?

The Funky Dungeon
Musical Recording Studio

The Funky Dungeon is a place where talented musicians come to create the best sounding music.

The Funky Dungeon is a studio inspired by vintage and the acoustic era. Surrounded by high end equipment which includes Studio One Version for Professionals. The Digital Audio workstation is fully functional using Pro Tools 2019. 

Labor Of Love


Bobby G. Summers alongside Willie R. Sept designed and Built The Funky Dungeon (Recording Studio & Music Production company)In 2019. 

A newly Innovative, Cutting-Edge Facility fully functional for the needs of the consumers.

Most Importantly, The Funky Dungeon is a place where the legendary Bobby G. Summers can express and create record breaking melodies and music.

House Of Musical Creativity


The Funky Dungeon Is the overall  epitome of hit making records.

Whether you are a musician, vocalist, writer or whatever your creative talent is the Funky Dungeon is the place to be!

It is an All Exclusive Facility where each individual and/or group will have to RSVP based upon the project.

Recording studio

The Funky Dungeon


The Legendary Bobby G. Summers


Bobby G. Summers would like to  Welcome You To The Dungeon Where You Can Explore Your Deepest Creative Flow And Bring It To The Light!

Meet The Team

Bobby G. Summers

Legendary Recording Artist,Musician, writer and Music Producer Bobby G. Summers


Bobby G. Summers Is A Musical Veteran, Born On May 9, 1957. For Several Years, He Has Been Known As A Creative Force In The Music Industry, And Has Decided To Bring His Talent To The Forefront. Bobby G. Summers Has An Extensive History Of Performing With Top Name Musicians, And Artists In The Industry As Well As Writing, Producing. He Is The Co-Founder Of The 80’s Hit Group, “The Deele” Along With Antonio “LA” Reid And Later Including Kenneth “Baby- face” 


Steve T. Buckley

Steve T, Buckley
 Steve formed his own distributorship for small labels, WorldSounde Distributors.

Steve T. Buckley III was born August 25, 1946 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Graduated from Horace Mann HS and later attended the University of Arkansas Fayetteville and Arkansas Baptist College. 

  Steve formed his own distributorship for small labels, WorldSounde Distributors.

 . In 1980 Steve was promoted to the famous Capitol Hollywood Tower to become an A&R Manager for Black Music. Steve worked with various artist including Frankie Beverly & Maze, Ashford & Simpson, Beau Williams, Peabo Bryson, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner, Melba Moore, Freddie Jackson, A Taste Of Honey, Tavares, and The Dramatics. In January of 1985, Steve moved to Motown where he later became Vice President of A&R. Here he worked with artist such as Chico Debarge, El Debarge, General Kane, Vanity, The Commodores, Debarge, LioneL Richie, The Temptations, Four Tops, Dazz Band, and Stevie Wonder.  

Willie R. Sept

Willie R. Sept
 A & R, Musical Consultant

 Willie R. Sept is a Master Contractor and multi-business owner in the city of Baton Rouge.

  He helps in the A/R music department by searching for new and upcoming talent. Willie is also a consultant for the company thus earning him the nickname of: Mr. Myagi  


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